Key Industries

How key industry sectors are identified

An industry cluster is a group of similar industries closely connected by supply chains and similar labor pools located within the same region. A location quotient (LQ) measures how concentrated an industry cluster is in a given region as compared to the nation. A LQ greater than 1.0 means the cluster has more representation than the national average. A LQ lower than 1.0 means the industry is under represented in the area compared to the industry’s national average.

Industry clusters are measured by the total amount of payroll of the combined businesses, number of total employees, and the total number of related businesses. In addition, the amount an industry sector purchases from local supporting businesses adds to the strength of the cluster. We identify the industry sectors below as some of the key industry sectors in Johnson County.

Food & Agriculture

Entrepreneurial families in Johnson County grow fresh vegetables, crops such as soybeans and corn; peaches, pecans, and they raise poultry, cattle and hogs. Two FORTUNE 500 firms operate food production facilities exporting product to feed the nation.

  • Tyson Foods

  • Pictsweet

  • Peach Picking Paradise Orchard & Nectarines

A fruit research station operated by the University of Arkansas Extension is located near Clarksville. The station provides a site on fruit research because of the unique microclimate that exists. Research covers peaches, apples, nectarines, grapes, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, muscadines and pecans.

Logistics & Distribution

The ability to ship products to the world is measured in “minutes.” Interstate 40 connects the west to the east coast, providing less than a day drive time to Memphis, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Dallas, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, and Atlanta.

Foreign Trade Zone access is 90 minutes from Clarksville located at the Little Rock Port Authority. Union Pacific Railroad is Class 1 rail line with transload facilities within 30 minutes of Clarksville.

FORTUNE 500 company Wal Mart sited their first U.S. grocery distribution center in Clarksville. The facility is 900,000 square feet with both dry and perishable grocery storage areas.

Company # of Employees Company # of Employees
Tyson Foods 1,350 The ABB Group 225
Wal Mart D.C. 820 Greenville Tube 205
HanesBrands 570 Munroe Shoe 160
Medical Center & Hospital 400 University of Ozarks  138
Nite Lite Products 50 Clarksville Light & Water 100


Do What You Want To Do

Entrepreneurs start projects to   1) do what they know   2) emulate a trade they like and make it better   3) solve a problem.

In Clarksville, entrepreneurs have created tasty smoked bbq meats, designed equipment for interstates and highways to keep driving safer, designed and manufactured industrial rollers, grown poultry and raised livestock; planted 600,000 tomato plants and vegetables for fresh food sales, and manufactured juggling balls shipped around the globe.

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