Clarksville Connected Utilities Fiber Optics & Broadband

Clarksville Connected Utilities (CCU) currently operates a 17+ mile 288 fiber network ring throughout the City of Clarksville, AR. The fiber network currently provides service for CCU utility business operations and its SCADA systems which are used to monitor and manage its utility infrastructure. In 2016 CLW registered with ARIN as an internet service provider under the name of and at that time began to provision the fiber network for the potential to serve local business and residential customers.

Since that time, the Johnson Regional Medical Center has utilized the fiber network for telemedicine, the Clarksville School district has connected and we provide metro transport between their buildings at 10 Gigabits on a dedicated pair of fibers specifically for their use in addition to 1 gigabit of internet bandwidth, and recently the Johnson County Library began taking service. Very recently the University of the Ozarks has agreed to connect  to the network in a similar fashion as the school district with a dedicated pair of fibers. The utility has also provided connectivity on a beta test basis to a number of local businesses including a manufacturer, a law firm, title and abstract company, an entertainment provider and internet sales company.

CCU is in the process of deploying a Fiber to the Home (FTTx) network design using a Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) design. CCU’s service will deliver symmetrical speeds up to 1 Gigabyte per second at less than $100.00/mo.

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