About Us

How CREDO Works

The Clarksville Regional Economic Development Organization is a 501C(3) group of local citizens with experience in managing complex business operations, business ownership, and property development. CREDO’s purpose is to advocate and participate in creating and assisting projects to impact community and economic development. CREDO’s staff makes connections to expertise and resources to help businesses thrive.

The Clarksville City Council created CREDO to form a public/private economic development partnership. For operational efficiency, CREDO is housed and associated with the Clarksville-Johnson County Chamber of Commerce; two separate organizations under one roof.


The city of Clarksville provides funding of $150,000 annually to CREDO. Clarksville Light & Water provides an additional $25,000. The funds are kept in a separate bank account and has a separate budget from the chamber. The community and economic development purpose of the funding is to:

  • Support promotion and marketing of the city’s commerce park
  • Collaborate with existing industry and business, especially with workforce retention
  • Assist the downtown with business growth
  • Support tourism
  • Act as a catalyst to community development
  • Collaborate with other government units and agencies
  • Manage the nonprofit operations

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 Current Projects

  • CREDO touches base with the Arkansas Economic Development Commission on a monthly basis to discuss how the site and community as a product can be improved. The collaboration keeps CREDO informed of trends, and provides insight into how companies select locations. The AEDC is identified as the best source of development leads to communities.
  • CREDO recently instigated an appraisal of blighted property downtown to approach the city council for acquisition for use as a public space. The project is now in the works.
  • CREDO is engaged with active business development projects, and is assisting with creating connections to push the projects to completion.
  • A workforce survey of local business and industry was conducted by a University of the Ozarks management class, and was then shared with interested parties. The survey project was coordinated by a CREDO board member and a U of O instructor.
  • CREDO collaborated with the Clarksville School District to organize industry roundtables to bring education and industry together. The purpose was for the school district administration to share their career development training vision with local employers. Education sought input from industry as to what types of skills are needed for entry level jobs. This collaboration combats “brain drain,” the term used for the loss of youth seeking jobs outside of our area, and creates a pipeline of workers for local business.